my story

Currently I am a senior studying Christian Ministry at my hometown college, the University of Louisville. Getting to this point has been a whirlwind, but here I am! Growing up in a Catholic home with two brothers and a sister was always an adventure. They are my best friends to this day and my amazing parents are still my biggest fans! High school was a challenge for me. Being a shy and self-conscious teenage girl is hard enough, but I let all of my energy out on the sport that I loved. Field hockey was a part of my life by the 6th grade. I was always into sports because God had gifted me with athleticism. It was who I was. Field hockey was the biggest idol in my life. I spent so much time on field hockey, in high school, I hardly had a social life. I had a few friends here and there but I never really left the shell I had always known. I received a scholarship offer from my dream school, UofL, and decided to accept the offer live my dream. When I got here, it was far from a dream. My dream had turned into a nightmare within weeks. My coach had offered me a redshirt (I would sit out of the games and not wear a uniform all season and get an added year of eligibility) due to my lack of skill. I was told I wasn't ready to compete at this high of a level. Then, I suffered from a stress reaction in my shin. This injury would sit me out nearly all season anyways. Not only could I not play in games or wear a uniform, but now I couldn't even play the sport I loved. Never in a million years would I have thought that my dreams would be crushed so quickly. I thought I had finished the worst of my time here, but boy was I wrong! That spring I was diagnosed with depression. I found myself in the deepest, darkest trench of my life. I saw no light, only darkness. Over that summer is when I was led to having a relationship with Jesus. My now mentor, Katie, had taught me about Jesus and read the Bible with me. I grew up in Catholic school knowing Jesus my whole life, but I never had a relationship with Him. Ever since then, I lived a life dedicated to learning more about Him, trying to live like Him, and trying to tell others about Him. Now, I am working towards full-time ministry to really focus all of myself into growing the Kingdom!

All of that being said, currently I attend Southeast Christian Church. I am also a student leader at a new campus ministry called Ignite the Ville. I have loved every minute with my campus ministry. I am feeling like God has given me a gift and a heart for college-age ministry. 

Trust me, there's wayyyyy more to my story and my story gets longer every single day. I'm open to conversations and questions! I would love to hear your story!