• Elizabeth Allgeier


I was sitting on top of the volcano looking over the lake, mountains, and two other volcanoes. I could have been entranced by the idea that God created it. I was in awe of God's power and creation but mainly through looking at the amazing people sitting next to me. I feel like I really began to understand how great our God is through His creation of the people who surround me.

When we think of God's creation, we are drawn to thinking of the mountains, waters, and all of the animals. Why don't we initially think of the people around us? Of course humans make mistakes and are definitely not perfect. I believe there is a beauty in every human's differences. No two people look the same, act the same, talk the same, and so on. When I looked at the people sitting on top of that volcano with me, at the coffee shop with me, playing soccer with me, eating a meal with me, I smiled and thought of how great God is that He would bring us all together. Of all of the people in this universe past, present, and future, God placed these incredible God-centered people into my life right now. What a blessing.

We live in a moment. Sometimes the moments continue to live in us, but the moment we are in is that last time we will be in that moment. Every moment becomes a memory because we leave that moment behind. It's not a choice, but it's inevitable. God, thank You for those moments I was able to spend freely with them. Thank You for the moments on the volcano when I saw your glory through the people You placed me with. Thank You for the moment I get to live in now knowing that You created these people and they are alive on the same earth as me. What a life of joy I get to live knowing that You've created each of them individually and given me the privilege to live at the same time as them and to have met them.

Guatemala was beautiful, but of all the sights to see the goodness of God in I saw Him in the people around me the the most. The way that they love reminds me of Jesus. Simply being in their presence makes me feel the Holy Spirit in the room with us. They always help me fix my eyes on Jesus. They inspire me every day I get to exist with them. God is so good. I can see that through the creation of this amazing group of people.

Returning home, I have began to see this in other people who have been in my life. By my family, other friends, and even the people I just see passing by, I am reminded of how great our God is. The Creator made all of these people, individually knowing them fully and loving them fully. Wow. How great is our God?

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